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What We Do

We specialize in all-cash offers that save you time, money, and effort by streamlining the complex process offered by traditional methods. Our goal is to work with your needs to sell your home no matter what circumstances you may be in.

No Repairs Needed

We buy your property in as-is condition. There are never any need for any repairs, renovations, or even cleaning. Leave the leaky roof with us.

No Commissions Paid

You never pay any real estate agent commissions when you choose to work with us. We also cover the traditional attorney fees and closing costs.

Your Timeline

We are very adaptive to whatever your needs may be. We can close on your home in roughly 10 days if you’re looking for a speedy sale, or you can choose a closing date that suits your schedule and we will be make it happen.

Guaranteed Sale

A huge benefit of an all-cash sale is the confidence it brings you that we can execute the transaction. We can bypass many of the inspections, certificates, appraisals, and other steps that bring others to a failed sale.

No Hassles

When we present you with an all-cash offer, we firmly stand by it. Expect absolutely no surprises during our process and that we will be as transparent with you as possible

We Handle Everything

After you choose your closing date, we will orchestrate all of the details. We will do all of the difficult paperwork and walk you step-by-step through yours.

Roughly 25% of homes are bought with an all-cash payment.

We buy houses in any condition. No repairs. No fees. No commissions. Get your free cash offer today!

Working with Eclipse

  • Money
  • Agent Commissions
  • Traditional Closing Costs
  • Attorney Fees
  • Convenience
  • Repairs / Renovations
  • Cleaning
  • Staging
  • Open House
  • Inspection
  • Appraisal
  • Contingencies
  • Time
  • Controlled Pace
  • Number of Days
  • Eclipse
  • We pay all fees for you.
  • Never needed.
  • Always in control of the pace. As little as 10 days.
  • Realtor or Agent
  • You pay all of these fees.
  • Always needed.
  • Never in control of the pace. Between 45-60 days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our clients’ most popular questions about our process and what we do.

How do you determine the price of my property?

In order to determine the price of your property, we utilize a Competitive Market Analysis to accurately estimate the value of your home relative to other similar properties in the area. We then subtract the cost of renovating your home up to meet the Eclipse Capital standards for future prospective buyers.

An all-cash offer will be proposed 24 hours after your free Home Consultation.

Absolutely nothing! We take care of everything, from cleaning to junk removal.

We provide fair and transparent all-cash offers to homeowners looking to expedite the home-selling process and put money in their pocket sooner rather than later. Due to variance in home conditions, the best way to know the value of your property is to give us a call and schedule a Home Consultation. Our specialists will gladly walk you through the Eclipse Capital calculation process.

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