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Working with Eclipse

  • Money
  • Agent Commissions
  • Traditional Closing Costs
  • Attorney Fees
  • Convenience
  • Repairs / Renovations
  • Cleaning
  • Staging
  • Open House
  • Inspection
  • Appraisal
  • Contingencies
  • Time
  • Controlled Pace
  • Number of Days
  • Eclipse
  • We pay all fees for you.
  • Never needed.
  • Always in control of the pace. As little as 10 days.
  • Realtor or Agent
  • You pay all of these fees.
  • Always needed.
  • Never in control of the pace. Between 45-60 days.

What is a cash offer?

A cash offer is an all-cash bid to purchase your property. Traditional bank financing and mortgage loans result in closing times as long as 60 days, sometimes more. With an all-cash offer, Eclipse can bypass this process and transfer the money to your account in an estimated time of ten days!

In addition to a much faster closing time, an all-cash offer allows for much more flexibility for the seller. Banks tend to limit home loan offers to properties that are considered move-in ready – this means more work, hassle, time, and preparation on your end. By extending an all-cash offer, Eclipse is able to purchase your home as-is, with no appraisals or little to no contingencies to slow down the process.

A home that is move-in ready requires no updates or renovations with regard to plumbing, electric, or structural work. Cash offers allow us to purchase properties that traditional banks would not finance due to risk. We understand that the costs associated with getting properties up to market standards can be overwhelming. To ease this burden, Eclipse extends fair all-cash offers for properties that are not up to current market standards. We purchase homes with fire damage, water damage, collapsed roofs and walls, and much more.

How do we calculate a fair cash offer?

Due to every home condition being different, our cash offers are dependent on the state of your home. We extend fair and transparent all-cash offers to homeowners. Here you can see the simplified equation we use to calculate our cash offers:


Estimated Home Value Post Renovation


Estimated Renovation Cost


Margin of Service


Fair Cash Offer

Please give us a call to have one of our specialists come by and appraise your home!

See The Savings For Yourself


What is the mortgage balance on your property?

$ % 16.95
How much money is still owed to the bank?

Real Estate Commissions

% 21,240 $
On average, homeowners forfeit 5% of the value of their property to real estate agents.

Home Repair

% 17,700 $
On average, homeowners spend 5% of the value of their property on updates and renovation prior to listing.

Seller Concessions

% 7,080 $
On average, homeowners give up 2% of the value of their property.

Cleaning & Staging

% 7,080 $
On average, homeowners spend 5% of the value of their property preparing for listing. This includes but not limited to clutter removal, curb appeal, and staging costs.

Title, Escrow, & Transfer Tax

% 3,540 $
On average, homeowners spend 1% of the value of their property on state mandated costs associated with the transfer of the real estate.


% 1,770 $
On average, homeowners spend .5% of the value of their property on an attorney.

See the Difference

  • Your Proceeds With Us
  • Your Proceeds With Everyone Else
Your Total Savings

This for informational purposes only and is intended solely as an estimate. It is not intended to be construed as financial, tax, legal, real estate, insurance, or investment advice. Actual proceeds/savings may vary. Please consult professionals for direct advice on each matter.

At Eclipse, our main focus is saving you money and time. Our entire company was designed around this idea. Our goal is to make your experience as smooth, easy, and straightforward as possible. All unnecessary tasks, processes, and people have been eliminated entirely so that homeowners can save more money and sell quicker.

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